Window Displays

Someone once said “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In the advertising world, that is very true, and it’s why logos and graphical images are instantly recognizable. Most bars, restaurants, or any other retail concept with a storefront has windows. If your windows face a street with stoplights and lots of automobile traffic, or a sidewalk with plenty of pedestrian traffic, you now have a highly effective advertising opportunity.

The display is the perfect solution where code restrictions, or the cost of outdoor displays has your business plan tied up. The window display has a manually adjustable brightness, so it can also be used as an indoor advertising medium.


Hardware Specifications

Window displays are full color and capable of displaying graphics and logos. Check out the following popular sizes, or please give us a call for a free consultation.

Model Dimensions (inches) Matrix (pixels)
Betabrite 1696 9.1” x 40.6” x 3.3” 16 x 96
Betabrite 16128 9.1” x 53.5” x 3.3” 16 x 128
Betabrite 3296 15.4” x 40.6” x 3.3” 32 x 96
Betabrite 32128 15.4” x 53.5” x 3.3” 32 x 128
Betabrite 4896 21.6” x 40.6” x 3.3” 48 x 96
Betabrite 48128 21.6” x 53.5” x 3.3” 48 x 128